The Theory of Midnight Souls

Az Éjféli Lelkek története

Az éjféli lelkek története


I. – Tűzkeresztség


 I – Circumdederunt me gemitus mortis

II – Godless savage garden

 III – News from afar

IV – Into the fire

V – Dolores inferni circumdederunt me

VI – Baptism by fire – Streets

VII – Baptism by fire – Comrades

VIII – Nobody knows…

IX – What remains

X – Baptism by fire – The face of politics

XI – Necris

XII – Bloodletting

XIII – Nemesis

XIV – Cautionary sounds

XV – Punishment

XVI – Unknown forces

XVII – Strike

XVIII – Aftermath

XIX – Questions before the storm

XX – Strategic planning

XXI – More stories from afar

XXII – Taking the first charge

XXIII – Bitter tales to tell

XXIV – Lurking premonitions

XXV – Premonitions coming alive

XXVI/1 – Courting (in the deep)

XXVI/2 – Courting (in high places)

XXVII – Unleashed, unknown, uncovered/1 – Unleashed: the battle of Blackfriars Bridge

XXVII – Unleashed, unknown, uncovered/2 – Unknown sentiments

XXVII – Unleashed, unknown, uncovered/3 – Cover the uncovered

XXVIII – Allies and enmities

XXIX – Briefing

XXIX/2 – Briefing (Drawing conclusions)

XXX – Parley with the pack

XXXI – One step further

XXXII – The give-and-take of honesty

XXXIII – Shadows trailing powers

XXXIV – Counsel of the Primogen

XXXV – Firedamps

XXXVI – On duty

XXXVII – A moment of precautions countervailed

XXXVIII – Sparks to feed the embers

XXXIX – Rage enflamed

XL – Rites of passage



Baptism by fire ends



II. – Ostrom alatt



Prologue – Dies irae

Prologue – Non omnis moriar

I/1. – In retrospect

I/2 – Decisive meetings

II – Covenant


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